With the point of view of professional WildStar platniumt sports, alcohol and performance-related. As long as there is a market, and sell such a thing can be better what is in professional sports? With a mouthful of words, is based on the business of sports activities for the purpose of profit, that is, to make money. Most developed European professional football, for example, almost every club has its own stores, through the sale of clothing, souvenirs, and more revenue. In order to make souvenirs sold better, the Club will use their brains develop, in order to earn more income. Germany sports business experts said Hullman, purchasing power is football fans, the source of wealth. Each club needs to properly assess their customer base, increased understanding of the fans, just tap the desire of fans to buy, you will find that there is still huge potential Guoan club liquor, also seized the 20 anniversary of the Club in such a selling point, reaching potential buyers attracted to fans, belongs to the natural market behaviour. How much wine, is sold and how much money you pay is earned, is a test of Club operators here remind us of an interesting thing: in 2003, souvenirs for sale priced Manchester, United Kingdom Office of fair trading fined 165Million pounds. After the news broke, hasn't stopped the Manchester United fans to buy Manchester United souvenirs enthusiasm, United Kingdom media as saying that "even if the pick Wildstar gold buy something out from the trash, Manchester United logo on the cover also sell for a lot of money." Will chase a century-old clubs, including China's Guoan Club still has a long way to know professional football knows that, the team good or bad cannot decide on the financial situation of the Club. It can conversely, club finances, and contributed to the team's promotion.

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