Reds defender Rio Ferdinand fifa 15 coins saw balloting results the first time they scream on Twitter: "Real Madrid! It what will be a great clash! Ronaldo brothers, we'll meet again! "Yes, next March, Ronaldo will for the first time as a guest of the return to Old Trafford. For Manchester United, Ronaldo has very deep feelings, under Sir Alex Ferguson, who won the Premier League, Champions League, individuals will also be world footballer of the year, the Golden Globe Awards in Europe and the Premier League Golden Boot honors in my arms. After the record transfer fee to Real Madrid, Ronaldo ushered in another career peak, but Messi's "er ren Zhuan" is frequently at a disadvantage. So, the homecoming, destined to have mixed feelings in addition, Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson will again encounter between the two old rivals. Rate of Mourinho when FC Porto won the Champions League, Manchester United was a stepping stone; at Chelsea, have both fought many mutual play; first year at Inter Milan, Mourinho encounter Sir Alex, and sadly out. Played 14 times in the history of the two, 6 WINS, 6 draws and 2 defeats Jose Mourinho takes over has missed the Spanish League champion Real Madrid might find all the energy transferred to the UEFA Champions League, which is "mad men," last chance to prove himself. Real Madrid 4 times in the Champions League encounter with Manchester United, 3 times out when AC Milan as the last second gear when the team was taking, field team that is not pumped out the remaining 7 teams, namely: first Manchester United, Barcelona, Paris St Germain, Malaga and the second leg of Real Madrid, Valencia, Porto. In accordance with the principle of a Champions League draw, teams, group match the same group and the same League teams evade the principle, ACBarcelona, Milan rival in theory only. In order to ensure real Madrid, Valencia and Spain met AC Milan must be met with a Spanish team, while Malaga as the rossoneri group stage opponents have also been excluded. So, when AC Milan and FC Barcelona met when people poke fun at the "Earth people, you're not immune to it! ”

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